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Virgin Voyage Cruise

Undecided Future is now playing on Virgin Voyage Cruise Lines!
Specific Cruise Dates To Be Announced.
Barcelona-Itay-Spain and more!
Greece-Egypt-Turkey-Dubai and more!
Miami-, St. Croix, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antiqua, Aruba and more!

Here’s the link:



"The band has a really cool sound and moves"

-  Jason Derulo

"It's about making timeless music, and that's what y'all do"

-  Dr. Dre

"What the industry needs"

-  Snoop Dogg

Based in Southern California, Undecided Future is a revolutionary Pop-Soul group re-paving the way for live entertainment. With their musical influences ranging all across the board, UF puts on a show like no other. Gaining the trust and knowledge from many people in the industry, UF has worked with some of the greats, including Jason Derulo, Dr. Dre, and Dem Jointz. The members of Undecided Future have been like brothers for over 11 years, and they don’t plan on slowing down. Their impressive career includes playing shows at Disneyland, MGM Las Vegas, New York, and most recently they have been contracted with Virgin Voyages, setting sail around the Caribbean, Europe, and Southern Asia.


As well as being powerful musicians, Undecided Future also self-produces all of their own video content, including their engaging tiktoks, upbeat covers, and music videos. Most recently, UF has been developing VR concerts and music videos, so the exciting performances can be viewed from home or anywhere in the world in 360-degree immersion.


To keep up to date with UF, join our mailing list and follow Undecided Future on Instagram, Tiktok, and youtube. You can find their sound wherever you get your music!



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Booking available for weddings, parties and corporate events

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